Sunday, January 27, 2008

Week #3: 24-7 Learning is Underway!

Ok... honest thoughts. You've finished one whole week with a MacBook by your side 24/7. What are your initial reactions to this whole initiative? Is it going to mean more work? more learning? more distractions? more opportunities? What does it feel like to be "cutting edge?" Were there more or less problems during the first week than you thought? What do you think will be the best thing about the rest of the school year with a MacBook? What do you think will be the worst thing about it? Any constructive criticism towards the teaching/administration end can be offered as long as we all understand that everything is a "work in progress" and we're all learning together! Anything else you wish to add on the topic of 24-7 Learning at O'Neill Public Schools would be great for this week's blog. For the SMH students, you can give your honest opinions looking in from the outside.

BONUS points this week for anyone who submits a MacBook picture to the KBRX website at: SMH kids can substitute any photo with technology and submit it to me at

Monday, January 14, 2008

Week #2 Blog Post: Childhood Classics

Before we put you behind the lens, put yourself back in the audience. What was your favorite movie growing up? You know, the movie that you went to see 10 times in the theater and then purchased the VHS tape that you watched so much that you wore out. I can't name one, but I can name several: E.T., Ghostbusters, Footloose, Flashdance, and my all time favorite "The Sound of Music" all come to mind right away! Even though we grew up in different times, I think it safe to say that a movie classic is a classic forever. Do we hear any common Hollywood hits? Remember that a big part of your job as a moviemaker this semester is to be a movie-"watcher." Analyze, critique, and enjoy watching what you are learning about in life come to life on the big screen. And don't forget to leave your comments to this post to share some of your "Childhood Classics."

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Digital Media Blog Post #1

Welcome to a new semester and a great new opportunity. This is the first time that a class like this has been offered in O'Neill and the first time you can receive credit through TANN for taking it. Digital Media looks to be a challenging, mind-stretching, enjoyable experience for all of us involved this semester. For your first blog post, please comment on your hopes, fears, and expectations of this course. What projects are you thinking about creating this semester? What types of learning will most directly mesh with your learning style? Finally, where do you think you will use the knowledge gained from Digital Media in your near or distant futures?

As with all blog postings, make sure that you leave your name on your comment and that you utilize good composition skills (including spell-check) before publishing.