Monday, February 25, 2008

iCan! (Blog - Week #8)

This is not just a pun, but an actual student Film festival held every year in California. Click on the link to the student-produced movies here:
Notice that you can click on the numbers across the top to view additional years of entries. Watch as many as you like... then review at least one of them. What did you like, not like, wonder, etc... Pretend you are Siskel and Ebert and give your candid review. Make sure you leave us the URL so that we can go watch it as well!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

"And the winner is..." Blog Week #7

With the Academy Awards shared last night on television, it is time to do Digital Media Current Events. Choose the one Oscar category in which you think you will have the best shot someday. In which category do you think you excel the most? (You can visit if you would like.)Do a little additional research and teach us something about this year's winner in that category... or about past history in that category. It is up to you... but enlighten us a little with your knowledge of the famous Red Carpet ceremony and what it means to you.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

"I want my MTV!"

The blog for Week #6 involves your ideas on music videos. Whether CMT, MTV, or YouTube, you have all watched your share of music videos. Tell about techniques you like, don't like, or are indifferent about. What captures your interest and makes you want to listen to the song even after you are away from your TV or computer? Let's share some ideas about video in the production of music videos.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Videographer's Perspective

It's Week #5 and everyone is learning a lot of new information. How is your view of moviemaking changing and evolving? Do you see certain things differently, have a different appreciation for digital media, or have new insight into movie production at this point? Just take a few minutes and compose a paragraph or so with your comments on how you are seeing things through your eyes right now.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

From SuperBowl commercials to Shot Selection

Your blog post this week may take a little more work. Find a commercial that you can access online. Here are two links you may try: (I hope they aren't blocked by the filter... if they are, search for your own).

1. SuperBowl Commercials:

2. Classic Commercials:

Now, post the link to the commercial and then write your "play-by-play" analysis of the shot selection that it uses. Obviously, if the commercial only has 1 or 2 different shots, it would not be a good choice for this assignment. Check on your fellow classmates... how well did they recognize the different shots we have been learning about in class?