Sunday, February 3, 2008

From SuperBowl commercials to Shot Selection

Your blog post this week may take a little more work. Find a commercial that you can access online. Here are two links you may try: (I hope they aren't blocked by the filter... if they are, search for your own).

1. SuperBowl Commercials:

2. Classic Commercials:

Now, post the link to the commercial and then write your "play-by-play" analysis of the shot selection that it uses. Obviously, if the commercial only has 1 or 2 different shots, it would not be a good choice for this assignment. Check on your fellow classmates... how well did they recognize the different shots we have been learning about in class?



Kelly AKA Kelo said...

Porsche commercial

This commercial actually changes its video shot 39 times in 1 minute!

11 shots it uses are:

1.Noddy Shots
2.Mid Shots
4.Extreme Close-up
5.Close up
6.Medium Close up
7.Wide Shot
8.Very wide shot
9.extreme wide shot
10.Point of view shot
11.Weather Shot

Kylie said...

Brittany Spears (Pepsi)

This commercial uses a couple of different video shots but they change very rapidly....I would guess there are about 50 some uses of different shots!

1)Pan Down
2)High Angle
3)Extreme Close Up
4)Rule of Thirds
6)Long Shot
7)Mid Shot
8)Low Angle
9)Rule of Thirds
10)Point of View
11)Extreme Wide Shot
12)Pan with Dolly

AmandaH said...

some shots this commercial uses are:

1. long shot
2. medium shot
3. close-up
4. medium close-up
5. extreme close-up
6. tilt
7. pan

Brittany said...

Lifewater Gecko Commercial

1.Extreme Closeup
2.Rule of Thirds
5.Low Angle
6.Long Shot
7.Medium Shot

Ciera said...

When you go to this site, click on the Budweiser commercial (sorry if this isn't appropriate, I just thought the commercial was cute and comical!).

Shots used:
1) Flat shot
2) High Angle
3) Reaction Shot
4) Reaction Shot using Rack Focus
5) Low Angle
6) Close-Up
7) Extreme Close-Up
8) Medium Shot
9) Long Shot
10)Wide shot
11)Point of View Shot

DannyLee said...

I used a superbowl commercial from 2003 for Sierra Mist.

There are a lot of shot changes

1. medium close up
2. tracking shot
3. wide shot
4. close up shot
5. low-angle shot
6. high-angle shot
7. extreme close up
8. action shot

It used a lot of medium close up shots.

Sorry, don't have a link

Connor said...

Ok, i decided to go with a commercial that I really enjoy, the Pepto Bismol Commercial!

The shots that this commercial uses are:

Establishing Shot
Medium Shot(many in a row)
Close Up
More Medium Shots
Close Up
Extreme Wide Shot
Medium Shot
Close Up
Shot/Reverse Shot
Medium Shots
Close Up
Medium Shot

Framing Shots are also used

Ok that didn't use to many different shots, but it is a very unique and interesting commercial.

Oh and the man at the 19 second mark is great. "Upseeett Stump-tah- mek!"


Tiff said...

I found a Fed Ex Commercial

1. Medium Shot
2. Pan
3. Closeup Shot
4. Long Shot
5. Low Angle Shot
6. Reaction Shot
7. Closeup Shot
8. Medium Shot

MichaelH said...

Shots used in this video were:

1.close up
2.extreme close up
4.medium close up
5.wide shot

Katie said...

I used the T-Mobile commercial from 2006. I don't have a link for it.

1. Close up
3.Over the shoulder
4.wide shot
5.Low Angle

--The Shots repeat...--