Sunday, February 24, 2008

"And the winner is..." Blog Week #7

With the Academy Awards shared last night on television, it is time to do Digital Media Current Events. Choose the one Oscar category in which you think you will have the best shot someday. In which category do you think you excel the most? (You can visit if you would like.)Do a little additional research and teach us something about this year's winner in that category... or about past history in that category. It is up to you... but enlighten us a little with your knowledge of the famous Red Carpet ceremony and what it means to you.


Kylie said...

I think that the Oscars are a great award to receive and I'm glad that they do it because most of the time the people behind the scenes like these people might remain un-noticed. When they shouldn't because these people put a lot of work into their jobs and yet the only people that seem to get credit until these awards are the actors and actresses.Finally the people behind the madness get credit for their hard earned work!

If I were to recieve any of the oscar awards I would probably be most likely to receive the costume design award. I love fashion and it is actually going to be my side major if Broadcasting doesnt work out for me I would go into fashion design(yes I know completely different subjects, but I like them both.) The award winner for this award was....

Alexandra Byrne is an Academy Award-winning costume designer.


Despite having costumed only eight films in her career, she has established herself as one of the greatest working costume designers in Hollywood, earning Academy Award nominations for four of her films — Elizabeth, the 2007 sequel Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Hamlet and Finding Neverland — and considerable acclaim for the other three — Persuasion, Captain Corelli's Mandolin and The Phantom of the Opera.

She received an Oscar for the 2007 Academy Awards for costume design for her work in Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

She was also nominated for the Tony Award in 1990 for Best Scenic Design for Some Americans Abroad.

She is married to actor Simon Shepherd with four children.

MichaelH said...

I believe that I would most excel in film editing just because I really like to make special effects and edit movies. The winner this year in film editing was The Bourne Ultimatum. In this film, Jason Bourne continues his search for clues to his identity prior to his life as a specially-trained CIA assassin. As the agency officials behind the off-the-books branch to which Bourne belonged attempt to track his movements and stop him, Bourne, with the assistance of fellow agent Nicky Parsons, follows a trail of evidence that leads him closer and closer to the truth about his past …and the full scope of the agency's shadow operation.

KellyS said...

Well considering I have actually never watched the oscars this is a tough one. I'm glad I looked at the site though cause I never really understood what catergories could be won. Looking through the winner's list I would personally choose the"Make up" catergory that I would want to win. The rest of them are things I really am not interested in But i think I would enjoy that one the most. The winner was Didier Lavergne and Jan Archibald for "La Vie en Rose" The story takes place in Paris and is about a young child born into poverty and becomes a singer.

Connor said...

I think that I would like to have a shot at Documentary Short. I enjoy documentary type shows such as MTV's True Life and I find them very interesting. Katie and I would like to film a documentary on Merle Harvey later this semester.

The winners of the Documentary Short award this year were Cynthia Wade and Vanessa Roth. Their documentary was 38 minutes long. The main character of the documentary was at the Oscar awards when Vanessa and Cynthia received the Oscar for Documentary Short. This was a rewarding moment for the three of them.

I really do not know much more about the Oscars except that this was the 80th annual ceremony.

AmandaH said...

I never actually watch the Oscars, but i think that i would do best in writing (adapted screenplay) because if i have an idea or concept i can start writing from there.

The winners in this category were Joel and Ethan Coen for the screenplay of "No Country for Old Men"

In the past the Coens have also been nominated for:

-"O Brother, Where Art Thou?"-2000 writing (adapted screenplay)

-"Fargo"- 1996 directing

They also won the Oscar in 1996 for writing (original) for "Fargo"

Taylor said...

I have never watched the Oscar's before, but after reviewing the website, I now understand what kind of awards are given and how they are presented. I like how the majority of awards are given to some of the more complex things like best costume, makeup, music, and film editing for example. I think I would probably do best in the costume, makeup, or music award.

Marion Cotillard was the ‘Actress in a Leading Role’ winner for the film ‘La Vie En Rose’. She has won 19 other awards and 9 nominations. She was born on September 30, 1975 in Paris, France and has two younger brothers. If she had not been an actress, she would most likely have been a singer.

keshia said...

I would have to agree with Kylie when she says that the Oscars are a good thing. I'm glad they have these to give credit to the people who put these movies together.

If I ever had the chance of ever being nominated for an award it would probably be an Original Screenplay or an Adapted Screenplay. It would be Original Screenplay because I love making up stories and just telling them for the fun of it. As for Adapted Screenplay I would probably do that because I love reading books and would like to watch movies to all books I read, or take someones idea and add to it.

The winner for the Original Screenplay was Diablo Cody. Diablo Cody's birth name is actually Brook Busey. Something interesting about Diablo is she worked as a stripper before writing her first screenplay.

Katie said...

I think that the Oscars are a great honor to receive and an amazing ceremony to be any part of. I would love to be at the actual ceremony sometime in the future.

If I was lucky enough to ever receive an Oscar award it would most likely be writing (original screenplay). I love to write and writing a script or screenplay for a movie would be an awesome thing to do, and I could definitely see myself doing something like that in the future.

This years winner in the writing (original screenplay) category was Diablo Cody for her writing of the teenage pregnancy movie, Juno.

As for a little bit about the winner: her real name is Brooke Busey. She is originally from Chicago and graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in media studies.

Tiff said...

Film Editing is probably the one that I would have a shot at someday because I am really not interested in an of the others.

Christopher Rouse, The Bourne Ultimatum, won in the film editing division. He won Best Editing in 2007 from the Las Vegas Film Critics, Best Editing from San Diego Film Critics and the Online Film Critics in 2006.

Ciera said...

I think that I would be best at art direction... I may not have the best movie ideas, but with my creativity I should be able to find ways to make the flick more interesting; different angles, effects, and music always make a movie great, even if you don't always have top notch actors and actresses!

Ciera said...

My comment continued...

Sweeney Todd; The Demon Barber on Fleet Street was the winner in the Art Direction category. This film uses great effects and the dark film sets the evil mood. Notice that in the film and photos red is the one color that stands out the most; this is because this movie puts a great amount of emphasis on blood and the crimes that Sweeney Todd commits.

Brittany said...

I love watching the Oscars because it is not only giving credit to the actors but also to the people who make it happen. The award that I would be most likely to receive would probably be Directing because I like to be in charge and I think leadership is a quality that I have. Every movie I believe should have some meaning and should touch peoples lives in some way, I think that it is the directors job to get that message portrayed.

The Winner this year was: Joel and Ethan Coen for No Country for Old Men. This award is the brothers 6th Acadamy Award nomination. As you can see they have amazing talent and love working together.