Sunday, April 6, 2008

Final Project - Documentaries

Everyone has a story to share.

Sometimes we fail to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Let's begin to brainstorm ideas for our final project - a mini-documentary on an issue or event of choice.

1) Please read the following short article:
Teenage filmmakers sharing a message:

2)To change the world?
Browse through this site to spark some ideas:

3) Go to iTunes - iTunes Music Store- and search for Film School Online. Subscribe to the free podcast and download and listen to the episode called "Documentary Filmmaking Crash Course" (only a few minutes long)

4) Visit Angel for updated content including:
a) New Contests and Student Video Promotions
b) New Content folder for Documentaries with a page of topic suggestions

5) Respond to this blog with any possible ideas you are currently considering.


Kylie said...

I would like to do the history on Irish Dancers and talk to Vivian Milina! Then show how the dance studio has progress and downfalls that have happened over the years!

senior video? Will we have time?

Anonymous said...

I am still thinking on doing a documentary on families. It could show how families need each other, how much they do for each other, but also some of the rough times that they get through with each other.

Ciera said...

Kylie... I'm pretty sure you stole my idea! (Possible group project?) lol Well, I actually wouldn't mind doing a project on the Irish immigration and the background of O'Neill (how it was founded, when, first families, first buildings, etc.).

Katie said...

Connor and I were thinking about doing our film on the SMH graduation and on the senior class and what they want to pass on to other classes ect.

Connor said...

Katie and I were considering doing our documentary on the SMH senior class and their last days in high school. They would give advice to the junior class...and maybe share some stories.

Brittany said...

The topic for my project is still pending. I want to do something that is going to be effective and mean something to people. I really just need to settle on one, but I also might team up with Tiffany so we will have to decide on a topic together.

KellyS said...

Not completely for sure what I would like to do but after watching the child abuse one. i think i would like to do something similar maybe not the same, but i think i will do a more serious subject.. im still brain storming.

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of thinking of doing a documentary on the Mexicali Missions trip. I've talked to a few people from the trip and they have said that other people in the community don't understand why we go all the way to Mexico when there are people in our own country who need help. I want to show them what we do and why we do it.


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